"We support the producers, who make the food we love"

EGGS - Honest Eggs Co. Truly free range with less than 50 chooks per average size AFL ground (<30 chooks per hectare). No hormones, plenty of sun & no debeaking at this company. 

MINERAL WATER - Spring Creek. Sourced & bottled in Daylesford and Macedon Ranges. The labels on the bottles celebrate a few of the region’s local producers and farmers. 

SMALLGOODS - Country Style Smallgoods. Produced in the Ballarat region, all pork bred free range.

GOAT'S CHEESE - Meredith’s Dairy. A family enterprise with a particular focus on quality dairy and sustainable farming. 

ON THE EMPORIUM SHELVES - You’ll find honey from JC Honey and gherkins from Adsum Farm, both a 10 minutes’ drive down the road in Glenlyon. Jams, piccalilli and relish from Beth Shan - made in the region with home-grown and local produce. Chai, chocolate powder and blends from Grounded Pleasures in Ballarat. Crackers from Bacchus Marsh. Muesli from Farmhouse Muesli (Daylesford). Fruit & Vegetables from various farms on the outskirts of Daylesford. 

DELI - There’s cheese from Goldfields Farmhouse (Ballarat). Whole smoked trouts & trout paté from Tuki farm (Smeaton) -  antibiotic free, chemical free & hormone free. The most incredible Chicken Liver Pate and Terrines made right here in Daylesford by Max & Delilah. Meat from Country Style Smallgoods (Ballarat) and Oakwood (Castlemaine). Miso from KaoKao Miso (Daylesford). 

AROUND THE STORE - you’ll also discover produce and wares from outside our little corner of the world. These have been chosen with great care for their high quality, their uniqueness and to support lost trades - like brooms from Tumut, the last original millet broom factory in Australia. 

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